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Poultry Wholesalers in Melbourne Provide Customised Sausages and Burgers to Pubs

Free-range poultry wholesalers in Melbourne offer portioned cuts and pre-packed burgers to cafés, supermarkets, restaurants, chefs, market stalls, delicatessens, and gourmet grocers. Speak to us for a price comparison or quote.

When Considering a Food Service for Poultry in Melbourne, Consider This:

We offer a no minimum policy to food service providers and ensure that we deliver only premium, free-range quality to your business, directly from the farmer. Get your free sample and test our superior quality.

  • You will find that we offer thorough reliability regarding each order, in addition to professional accuracy in presentation and cutting.
  • All cuts are butchered on the same day and sliced to order based on your specifications, affording our customers the freshest quality meat available.
  • As regards poultry, we are partial to Bannockburn yet also provide La Ionica’s chemical-free chicken, which is very popular at the food service level. Our Bannockburn chickens come from a small town outside Colac, and The Age Epicure voted them the tastiest.

We cater to each of our customers on a personal level, delivering aptly prepared smallgoods and meat to help you save kitchen expenses by reducing preparation time.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Premium Wholesale Poultry in Melbourne?

We only support the finest local farmers − who put honourable and ecological systems. The integrity of our products is our foremost concern.

  • We supply a flexible service related to deli meats, game, turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, and pork, and stay in contact with our clients to make sure we prepare your order exactly the way you want it. Give us your recipe, and we will customise your burger patties or sausages to your liking, ready for pick-up or delivery.
  • We agree with the view that what animals eat ultimately affects the safety of the product and the nutritional value provided to the consumer. Our meats don’t contain animal protein, hormones, antibiotics, or growth promoters, which makes our premium wholesale products safe and wholesome.
  • We trade in the bulk meat market and source our products directly from our farmers. Together, we form a team that affords exceptional services and produce.
  • We are qualified wholesale butchers who know how to cut your portions skilfully, saving you the time and expense.

We make our gluten-free sausages on-site, with spices and fresh herbs. You will be dealing with the knowledgeable head butcher − rather than a Sales Rep– when you get in touch with us, and receive a first-rate service so you can talk direct to the owner operator of the business.

About Melbourne Meat Merchant

Our quality is so good that we have been certified to provide to vulnerable persons in nursing homes and childcare centres. We preserve the longstanding principles of superlative customer service and superb quality poultry, lamb, pork, and beef. Contact us, send us a message, or give us a call.


Having worked together in our separate retail Butcher shops for years we (Darren, Tristan & Jordan) have come together to create the Melbourne Meat Merchant. A wholesale butcher with a paddock to plate and nose to tail philosophy - We cater to café’s, pubs and Restaurants with a traditional and provenance focus. Our point of difference is to cater for each of our clients in a personal way and help them save wages in the kitchen by delivering ready prepared meat and Small goods to save you wages in the kitchen. From Fresh pre pressed burger patties to portion control steaks we will aim to reduce your time on meat prep whilst getting the very best product direct from the farmer.

Our Farmers

Habbies Howe Certified Angus – St Bernards Certified Free Range Pork – Flinders Ranges Saltbush Lamb – Deutscher Turkey’s

Our Team

A team of lifetime butchers and Farmers, coming together to provide exceptional service and exceptionally sourced product. Being qualified butchers rather than a boning room we can provide expertly cut meats ready to go saving you the hassle.

Our Philosophy

Is to ensure traditional full carcass butchery is accessible at wholesale level, maintaining the paddock to plate, nose to tail philosophy
Whilst we trade in the bulk meat market we also we source our product full carcass direct from farmers.


We believe integrity of product to be the single most important thing at Berties.

By being a paddock to plate butcher, we are committed to supporting local farmers and you can be assured you are getting what you pay for.

We only buy from the best farmers with superior herds and the most ethical & sustainable farming practices.


We pride ourselves on ensuring only the best is delivered to your establishment-offering unprecedented standards of:

  • Excellence of quality
  • Full provenance
  • Complete consistency from one order to the next.
  • Expert accuracy of cutting and presentation.

  • Bespoke cuts to your own specification.
  • All cuts freshly butchered daily and only cut to order.

Our meat is free of all animal protein, growth promoters, hormones and antibiotics (unless prescribed by a vet). We believe that feed affects nutritional values as well as safety, and is therefore a major consideration for adults and children alike.
As a paddock to plate butcher we have complete control of the animals once they have left their farms- from ageing each one for the correct number of days-to ensuring each cut is perfectly prepared and presented-exactly to your specification.


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