Melbourne Meat Merchant supplies pubs, restaurants, cafes, food service venues and gourmet grocers with the best quality wholesale free-range lamb.

Suppliers of High Quality Australian Free Range Grass Fed Lamb

We only source free-range lamb from ethical and trusted Australian farmers. Together with our dorper lambs from the Flinders Ranges, we also source grass fed lambs from Gippsland from reputable Australian lamb farmers who only use free range and sustainable farming methods. This gives their lamb that tender rich taste.

We work with the farmers to select the best for our customers and prioritise freshness and quality. Our skilled butchers prepare cuts in the portion sizes, quantities and tray sizes that our customers are looking for.

Ready for regular delivery across Melbourne and its regions.

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free range wholesale lamb for melbourne

Why use our Free Range Dorper Lamb?

Free-range dorper lambs are very versatile and tasty, making it a favourite with chefs and home cooks alike. If you have a preferred marinade or cut, let us know. Here are some key benefits of free-range lamb: 

  • Enhanced Flavour: Free range lamb offers a rich, natural flavour that comes from the animal’s varied diet and exercise.
  • Lamb Welfare: Free-range farming allows lambs to roam and graze in open pastures, promoting their natural behaviour and overall well-being.
  • Higher Nutritional Value: Lambs in a stress-free environment and being allowed to graze feely contributes to healthier and more nutrient-dense meat.
  • Ethical and Sustainable: Choosing free-range lamb supports humane farming practices and promotes environmental responsibility.
  • Responsible Consumer Choice: Opting for free-range lamb enables consumers to make a  conscious decision to purchase lamb that aligns with their values.

Exclusively serving Victoria’s restaurants, supermarkets and food service venues

Get the cuts and quantities you choose

Fresh and never frozen

Attractively packaged to last

Talk directly to the butcher

Delivered to meet your needs

No minimum order policy

Why use our Free-Range Lamb?

  • Genuine Lamb – Not two tooth lambs or hogget
  • Sourced from local farmers
  • Superior taste & eating quality
  • Nice even fat coverage
  • Hand selected by our farmers
  • Full Lamb Carcass Breakdown
  • Healthier choice –  free from protein growth promoters, antibiotics and hormones
free range wholesale lamb for regional victoria


At Melbourne Meat Merchant, we provide a wide range of wholesale fresh lamb cuts to cater to every cuisine and preference. Whether you are a caterer serving Halal lamb kebabs or a gourmet supermarket looking to supply tender legs of lamb, we can provide you with free-range lamb to suit every taste and cooking style.

Lamb Chops

Tender and juicy for grilling or pan-searing

Rack of Lamb

Succulent and perfect for roasting

Leg of Lamb

A classic choice for roasting

Lamb Shoulder

Perfect for slow roasting and bringing out rich flavours

Lamb Cutlets

Individual, bone-in chops ideal for finger food

Lamb Mince

Versatile option for meatballs, burgers, or savoury dishes

Lamb Shanks

Hearty and comforting, slow-cooked until tender

Lamb Ribs

Meaty ribs with a smoky flavour, great for BBQ enthusiasts

Lamb Koftas, Souvlaki & Gyros
Can be made to your special recipe

Diced Lamb

Bite-sized pieces perfect for stews, kebabs, or curries

Lamb Sausages

A favourite with everyone for bangers and mash

Premium backstraps & fillets
Popular for a quick and easy dinner

Wide range of packaging available including:


Areas We Supply

Delivering fresh meat and seafood exclusively to cafes, restaurants, pubs, supermarkets and food service venues in Melbourne and regional Victoria. If your area is not listed, get in touch to find out if we can deliver.

  • Yarra Valley
  • Ballarat
  • Bendigo
  • Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula
  • Gippsland
  • Melbourne
  • Mornington Peninsula
  • Phillip Island
  • Shepparton
  • Surf Coast